In comments, mini-Markdown sometimes has a different syntax for backticks within backticks: when the code starts and/or ends with a backtick, one needs escaping. In those cases, could mini-Markdown also support adding one space to the delimiters, just like Markdown does?


  1. Use any unique number of backticks in the delimiter to allow for (other sequences of) backticks in the code itself:
    ```code with `embedded```` backticks```
    code with `embedded```` backticks.

  2. Add one additional space to the delimiters above if the code fragment starts and/or ends with backticks, just as documented:
    `` `code with `embedded```` backticks` `` and Perl's `` $` ``
    `code with `embedded```` backticks` and Perl's $`.

Mini-Markdown (for comments):

  1. Same as in Markdown.

  2. The Markdown extra-space does not work. Instead, this requires single opening and closing backticks, and escaping of all embedded backticks:
    `\`code with \`embedded\`\`\`\` backticks\`` and `$\``.

I realize that the current escaping should always be supported to preserve the existing comments. But maybe mini-Markdown could also support the extra space.

One could also escape, like `code with \`embedded\`\` backticks`, which however does not work in Markdown. Until today, I thought this escaping was required in comments. But today I realized that Markdown and mini-Markdown behave almost the same.


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