From this question I arrived to ChrisJJ's profile and found out that December 22nd, 21:11 is 2 days away from December 23rd, 13:25. The time now is 2013-12-23 13:30:17Z.

member for 2 days, 2013-12-22 21:11:28Z 2013-12-22 21:11:28Z member for 2 days
(I'm hovering over 2 days, not 12 hours, confirmed the title attribute on the 2 days element)

I also checked this on my tablet yesterday evening (in UTC time) and it listed 2 days back then as well. I couldn't check the tooltip, though, as it's hard to hover with touch controls.

Could it be changed so that only full days count as a day? It's very confusing to see "2 days ago" less than a day later (even few minutes later if you registered right before 00:00 UTC), and most importantly, it's wrong.

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The account was created on December 22nd, 21:11. In the instant the day changed to December 23rd, it was counted as whole day. (Worth to mention we'll never see "1 day" there, just "today")

If someone will create account in 23:59 then at 00:00 it will aleady be seen as he's a member for 2 days - one day that lasted less than a minute until 00:00 plus the current day.

Another example:

Appears to be by design, but probably better changed as it's really absurd.

  • Feature-request then?
    – 3ventic
    Commented Dec 23, 2013 at 13:48
  • @3ventic first let's wait that it's confirmed as by design but yes, I'll support such request. Commented Dec 23, 2013 at 13:53

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