I can't find a question on Cryptography Stack Exchange and I don't have enough rep on this account to post on their meta. So I was wondering how do you contact moderators?

I can't find a question that I posted on Crypto a few months ago and I've searched a lot. I was wondering if they deleted it (I may have posted it with another account) but they gave me one or two legitimate answers. It was about being new to cryptography and where to start.


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You can't really reach the moderators if you can't post on meta or flag a post.

However, there's a "contact us" link at the bottom of all pages on the site that goes to the Community team at Stack Exchange. We can likely help you out. Or at the very least you're gonna reach and get a response from a real person.

Here's the direct link from Crypto SE for your convenience: https://crypto.stackexchange.com/contact.


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