Minor edits should be easy. I don't mean trivial edits, but rather low character count grammar and spelling edits. Changing a few characters to clean up the site makes the Internet better. Discouraging users from making productive minor edits allows ugly obvious errors to persist.

Many answers or comments on questions on this subject are awfully negative: e.g.,

If someone sees a minor error and wants to fix it, why would we stop them? If the issue is rep, just don't give any for such edits. If the issue is bumping, don't bump such edits. If the issue is that too many people have to review the edits, lower the rep limit for minor edits. If you think that 2k rep users will somehow find it on their own or that flagging is the proper solution, you're introducing unnecessary bureaucracy. If you think that everyone can see a grammatical error without cringing, you don't know developer types. If you assume that there's always five more characters to change, you're encouraging gaming of exactly the sort you're trying to avoid.

Surely there's a better way?



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