I stumbled on this question that basically ask 'What type of tool is X'.

Is this on-topic based on this bullet from the help-center

•software tools commonly used by programmers

Looking at the answers on the question at hand you have to stretch 'commonly'.

Based on answers here:
Asking if certain tools contain certain features?
Any way to ask about the objective existence of a library/tool for a specialized programming task?
Are SO questions about general-purpose tools off-topic?

I could argue that this question is a corner-case for it's on-topic-ness.

I voted to close with reason 'asking for off-site resource' but I'm unsure if that is correct.
Should I retract my close-vote?

note that this answer is flagged as not answer which is invalid


This is only my opinion as I believe this is the first such question I have encountered, but I do not think the question is off-topic. It might not be an ideal SO question, but I don't think it needs to be closed.

  1. As you stated, it is about a software tools commonly used by programmers
  2. It is a specific question and is answerable by someone who knows what the language is.
  3. It is not asking for a link or a resource, just an explanation.
  4. Is it not something easily found via Google (given the fact that googling Vista 4GL now returns that question as the first result)

As I mentioned, this is just my 2 cents, so don't make a choice solely on my thoughts unless my argument was convincing enough.

That being said, and given the question now has 4 close votes is now closed, I don't think it is worth reopening since it is not a fantastic question and there are plenty of answers that seem to address the question (I say seem to because I am only assuming the answers are accurate). But it would be nice to ensure it doesn't get deleted after it is closed since it could have some future value.

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