When a post is closed without a comment, a flag is auto-generated by the system:

"closed w/o comment"

The issue is that the flag is still auto-generated on migrated posts that are closed w/o comment. Migrated posts that are closed are locked on the site it is migrated to, meaning that the flag cannot be acted on.

These flags should not be auto-generated on the site it is migrated to.


Closed and Locked on the site it was Migrated to:


Still Active on the pre-Migration Site:



Agreed. This should especially be easy now as the migrated questions already have differences from the normal closed, as is indicated by the [migrate] appended to the end of the question instead of [closed]. It's a small annoyance, but anything to have fewer pointless flags for the moderators is helpful.

This is even more annoying because I think that migrating a question should be done with few if any comments. I mean, do you really want to migrate a question with the comment "This would be a better fit for _____.SE". That seems kind of silly, that comment should just get flagged. The OP has a way to get more information, it really doesn't seem like it is required any more then it would be required with a duplicated question.

  • “migrated questions already receive special attention” — I must have missed something, what are you refering to? Apr 20 '15 at 12:07
  • I'm meaning that instead of the [closed] appended to the end of a closed question is shows [migrated] Apr 20 '15 at 12:36

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