I've reviewed a suggested edit here on meta.

Community user approved the edit while I was reviewing. Now, the issue is in the reviewer stats where it's showing only the community user had reviewed the post.

enter image description here

I think, this issue will be reproduced whenever the community user approved edit while others reviewing. We should fix this.

  • Sorry I misunderstood, you want it to show the stats of the person who improved? I think the "bug" is probably by-design, but I think it's a fair feature-request. – OGHaza Jan 6 '14 at 10:39
  • @OGHaza, yup I'd improved the edit by marked it as helpful. – Azik Jan 6 '14 at 10:44

It is and not a bug. When a reviewer opts to further improve a suggested edit then it is marked as approved (or rejected) by the community user and the actual reviewer is mentioned as the editor in the review summary.

At the bottom of review screen there is a checkbox labelled as Suggested edit was helpful. If it is checked then review summary will show approved by the Community user otherwise it will say rejected by the Community user.


I wanted a simple way to track all the edits that are approved through "improve", it is still easy to track who caused it, cause they are the editors of the revision directly after it.

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