I was looking at a question today on Stack Overflow and there was a link in the sidebar to some other question/answer that was completely irrelevant. The original question was about detecting SIM card changes on an android phone, but the "Linked" response was specific to iOS. There were no common tags for either discourse.

Is there a way for the community to shape the linking algorithm at all?

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You can remove questions that appear in the Linked section of the sidebar by removing links to those questions. Either in the comments, answers or the question itself.

Then wait 30 days.

Also, the links are bi-directional, so if it's linked back from a question on the sidebar, you have to remove traces from there as well.

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    I'm ok with the waiting 30 days, but I don't feel the need to bi-directionally police links.
    – Pedantic
    Commented Jan 7, 2014 at 2:17

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