Recently I retagged a post and was surprised to see it go into the review queue. I had expected it to just go through straight away and I also didn't expect to get reputation for it (as all I did was remove one tag and add another).

I am aware that the retag button was merged with the edit functionality.

Oded's answer to the above question also suggests that the retag privilege does still exist.

But I do not see it on the privilege list.

Where was a discussion here about if the priviledge was still nessasasry, which is marked but there is no post from a staff memeber so it's unclear what exactly happened as a result of this dicussion.

So is the privilege in effect but missing from the list?


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While there used to be a retag privilege at 500 rep; allowing retagging without approval, that privilege was removed due to confusion surrounding it; see Do we still need the Retag privilege? for more details.

The 500 rep privilege was ultimately changed for "Access to the First Posts and Late Answer Review", see Propose a privilege to sit in the 500 reputation mark for more details.

You can see all current privileges on this list, if it is not on that list then it is not a current privilege.

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