The review sections (suggested edits, first posts, reopen votes, etc.) have a very nice feature allowing users to define their own filters per review section.

Are those filters applied on the review main page, too?

I haven't been able to find out whether they are (but deleted faster than I could click section links) or not.

In case they are not applied:

I think it would be helpful for the community, if the review main page also would take those section filters into account (if any are set by the user).

It's about all the sections except for the big close vote section with 100k+ items around.

If the main page shows something like 12 Suggested Edits and 24 First Posts, but selecting them mostly results in empty pages with the message

There are no items for you to review, matching the filter [x][y]

then this is not very effective. It feels like a waste of time and you maybe get annoyed, frustrated, [insert your reasons here].

Personally I wouldn't even need the exact numbers matching my filters. Just any kind of indicator that a specific section really does contain items matching my filter.

What do you think?

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