I failed this review audit, but I believe this question belongs on ServerFault since there is no specific question regarding programming, errors, etc, and it asks about http-proxying, web server integration with cloudflare, and other topics not quite related to StackOverflow.

It also requests opinions and is thus a candidate for closing as "primarily opinion based". I would say that it seems to be very well researched and thus is still a high quality post on ServerFault, but this seems to be a bad review audit in any case.

Am I wrong that this is off topic for StackOverflow?

Should the question be closed altogether since it asks for opinions?

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The asker is developing an application stack, not administrating a server. This is made abundantly clear in the question itself.

Server Fault would be a great place for someone handling administration or deployment of such an application, but that isn't what's being asked about. The question is neither on-topic for Server Fault nor off-topic on Stack Overflow.

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