2 days ago (10/1/2014)(9/1/2014) I answered assorted questions and went over the repcap(+215). After that a question I answered was deleted by Community♦ when the user was deleted (no huge objection there, the question was based on a bizarre misconception1).

Specific problem

However, even after the question was deleted I appear to still be repcapped at 165, is that the way the system is supposed to behave?

My understanding is that rep is not supposed to require recalcs these days; regardless I have waited 2 days to see if the problem resolves itself. I cannot currently do a manual recalc as that option has been removed as part of an unrelated bug.

enter image description here

1 This whole saying 'the community user is doing a good job' thing feels very unnatural, erm, it does a terrible job of reviewing though


You were rep capped.

Since other users can't see your deleted post records, it makes it more obvious when we look at it:

enter image description here

You had 1 accepted answer, 120 rep from 12+ upvotes on your answers, and 81 rep from your 18+ upvotes and 1 downvote on your question, that comes to 216, which is consistent with the rep cap. And the extra "1" came from that downvote you made on a specific answer.

The removed post is shown in your reputation feed on the day it was deleted (which was on 1/10/2014, but technically the rep was lost on the day it was earned originally (which was on the day the answer was posted, 1/9/2014). If you were rep capped on 1/9, you would eventually get credit for the other upvotes.

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