The one thing I dislike about "not an answer" is that the flag doesn't say what the post in the answer area is. Is it supposed to be a new question? Is it supposed to be a comment? a comment on what post? is it just a "+1"?

The flagger already did the work to determine what the post is in order to determine that an answer is what the post is not. It wouldn't help for flaggers to specify additional information in a custom flags, because:

  • Those flags occasionally survive the problem
  • Those flags don't collate properly
  • Those flags can't be used by the system, in a second time, to automate moderation (if 5 10k flaggers say the X post should be a comment on the Y answer, then they might probably be right and at the very least a moderator might be able to greenlight that in one click.)

Can we get more detailed "not an answer" flags?

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