In my flagging history on Meta, I currently have 15 helpful and 2 declined flags. When I visit my flagging history page, the summary in right column is missing. I think the reason is I flagged only comments so far, because on SO the summary is there. I want to see how many flags of which resolution I have.

This is not a browser bug. When I look into HTML source, the <table id="flag-stat-info-table"> is missing after <h2>Your flagging history</h2>.

My question looks pretty much like a dupe of Flagging history is not showing if we have only flagged comment, but I think it is not as both the possible dupe and the supposed originals were asked before the early 2013 huge flag refactoring when comments were not shown on flagging history page at all.

I was not sure if this should be marked as a , so I chose not to wait to get and marked it right away. If you are sure it is a bug, please feel free to mark it so.

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