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Links with quotation marks are broken

Hi, I tried posting this link


and the link text doesn't get highlighted (I think it's because it has a double quotes character in it). I also tried on with an apostrophe and it didn't work either, I had to resort to tinyurl in order to post both links.


P. S. As I posted the text I noticed another bug. The link text goes all the way to the right in my monitor (it goes beyond the text area and it even makes the browser screen horizontally scrollable!)

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I feel like I've done this before:

I intend to reuse this answer over and over until this problem is fixed or the eventual heat death of the universe, whichever comes first. Just mentally replace the parts about the parens with the specific character you are having problems with:

I doubt we'll get this fixed, but you can resolve it yourself by URL encoding ( and ) as %28 and %29. Since one of these bugs gets posted every two to three days, here's a simple rule of thumb:

Any characters in your URL other than A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and /.=?-+%&* (and the : in "http:") should probably be URL encoded.

I've cobbled together a quick page that will encode the things that shouldn't need encoding. You can find it here. It doesn't use any jQuery, so it's probably completely unreliable. If you find anything it should be encoding but isn't, let me know.


You have " quotation marks. You have to encode them. Replace the double-quote marks with this:


So that the part that looks like this:


is instead encoded as this:


One more thing. tinyurl is never the answer.

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