Yes, I have read the Stack Overflow help on how to merge accounts, but it does not explain how to merge two Stack Exchange accounts, each being linked with several of the subsites.

I tried:

  • to add "merge delete" or "merge keep" to my Stack Exchange "about me" page, but I did not see how to edit this field.
  • to change or add the Stack Exchange OpenID of one of the accounts, to show that both accounts are 'under my control', but the system would not let me.
  • to set both accounts to the same email address, but I got following error:

This email address is already registered. If it belongs to you, log in above or visit our account recovery page to get access to this account.

What should I do?


As explained in the answer I added merge keep and merge delete to the all the subsite accounts of https://stackexchange.com/users/58965/derkaiser and https://stackexchange.com/users/160169/framester.

Could a mod merge these?


I used the contact form on SO to ask the two Stack Exchange accounts.

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The Stack Exchange profile page is not directly editable; it gets copied from one of your site-specific profiles (The oldest by default, IIRC). Just make the edits to your SO profiles. Or any site both accounts exist on, really.

As for merging all the per-site accounts; there's no other way to merge them. Once the merge happens, all the per-site accounts associated with each will be pulled together.

  • What does your last para mean ? Will the info/rep/questions/answers of both the accounts be clubbed together or one of them will remain while the other is deleted ? Sorry for commenting on an old post .
    – droid21
    Commented Mar 8, 2015 at 13:34

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