I suspect that I totally goofed and too eagerly retagged an SO question with [serverfault] based on too quick a read of MSO following a comment on the question.

Upon noticing that the question was then the only one tagged [serverfault], I did a bit more reading on MSO...and now suspect that I did something unholy: I subsequently dropped the [serverfault] tag that I added to the question.

(This just keeps getting messier I know....) :/

What confuses me is that the first round of MSO reading led me to believe that [serverfault] was an appropriate tag to use...and post-dates the second round of MSO reading that led me to think I resurrected a demon; but the second round of MSO reading included Jeff Attwood's rather unflattering thoughts on the tag (or maybe more specifically [belongs-on-serverfault] - same meaning I think, though).

(Yes, "confuses" is mild. I am totally confused at this point!) :}

Bottom line, the SO [serverfault] tag I seem to have created(?) still exists but now has no questions tagged with it: should/would someone please delete it?

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    No, that tag is now orphaned and will be deleted with a script that runs at 03:00 UTC – rene Jan 28 '14 at 12:16
  • Thanks, @rene - good to know. Maybe someone can shed light on the other aspect of my question - whether using the tag was in fact unholy. Also, I would love to understand the chronology of the related MSO Q&A I cited - where using these [<site>] tags has really landed. I didn't find much to clarify in MSO's Q&A or help. – J0e3gan Jan 28 '14 at 12:30
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    The tag you created is I guess a meta-tag. The posts you linked to are all related to meta.stackoverflow.com. All sites have their own meta site only meta.stackoverflow.com is different, it handles SO as well as stackexchange wide request. I assume the meta-tags existed for that purpose on meta.stackoverflow.com. I believe such tags shouldn't be used on stackoverflow.com. Use close votes, flags and/or comments for migration suggestions. – rene Jan 28 '14 at 12:39

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