While I was cleaning some tags, I've edited this post on SO: How to change sign of a .BLOCK or .WORD in Pep8 (Assembly)?

The author (clearly inactive today) has resolved the problem himself and gave the answer by editing the question instead of creating a real answer. I have taken the liberty to edit his post, remove the useless tag I spotted before, and remove the answer of the question. Then I've posted the response as a real answer. I've put the post in "community wiki" mode, to avoid to gain reputation for an answer I didn't give...

Is it okay to do that? After all, my action was for improving the quality of SO, but it could be frowned upon for some reasons...


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Yes, you can do that.

I removed the meta commentary from your answer, and made it present tense. Community Wiki is a nice gesture.

Having it as an answer removes it from the "unanswered questions" pile (when it gets at least one upvote), and puts a count of 1 in column showing the number of answers it has received, so that people can see in the question indexes that it has been answered.

  • Indeed, I didn't think at the "Unanswered" pile... So good practice, in community wiki to avoid confusion :) Thanks. Jan 28, 2014 at 20:18

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