When a question is locked, the "edit" link is inactive. I think that the "edit tag" link should be inactive, too.

From what I have tried on math.SE, it seems that when a question is locked, you can click on "edit tags" but when you try to save your edits, you get an error saying: This question cannot be edited at this time.

I was not able to see the same behavior here on meta.SO, probably because I do not have sufficient rep to edit posts.

You can see an example in this post on meta.math.SE. (I will post also some screenshots here.)

I have tried several locked questions on math.SE, the behavior is the same. For example 1, 2, 3, 4.

I tried to find out whether this has already been reported here, I only found this question: The new AJAX tag editing works for locked questions. It is not exactly the same and it is marked as .

Here are some screenshots:

Screenshot: tag edit

Screenshot: edit is inactive