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Many events are included in the revisions list, primarily:

  • edits
  • deletions
  • closures

However, the only thing that creates the link to the revisions list is edits. This link is in the form of "edited x minutes ago". This means an assortments of events can occur to a question that has never been edited without any evidence of that fact.

I tested this on a question of my own which I had never edited, but probably needed a minor edit. You can see the revision list here. I deleted it then undeleted it, all without any revision list link appearing, I finally edited it and the full revisions list was available

How this affected me

This affected me when I asked a question regarding an on going event. I was criticised for posting a duplicate of a question that was "still on the front page!". However what had actually happened (I eventually found out) was that the original was posted, self deleted and then undeleted a few minutes later (for whatever reason). I posted my duplicate while the original was deleted but there was no (available) record of that until the question was later edited.


Have any event that are included in the revisions history also generate an appropriate link to the revisions list on the question

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You can always get to the revision history for a post at /posts/[id]/revisions. E.g. https://meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/218197/revisions for this question. It might be nice to have a link if there is any activity, but it's not a particularly pressing problem.

  • I would say anything that requires URL manipulation doesn't count as a solution. After all unless I knew to look, why would I look? As it happened I was just embarrised – Richard Tingle Jan 31 '14 at 17:01

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