In the "normal" (full site) view of the Stack Exchange websites, the search field is pre-populated from the current context. E.g. the search field on https://stackoverflow.com/users/22656/jon-skeet is pre-populated with "user:22656", and the search field on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c%2b%2b is pre-populated with "[c++]".

In the "mobile" view (for browsers on mobile devices), the search field is not pre-populated anymore:

enter image description here

(You can easily verify that by clicking on the "mobile" link at the bottom of any page.)

I am quite sure that in previous versions of the "mobile" view, the search field was pre-populated in the same way as it is in the "full site" view.

Is there a particular reason for this change? Could that feature be added again? I found it very convenient, e.g. when searching for an answer of a particular user.


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Whoops. We were trying to still populate the search box, but we were looking in the wrong place for the search terms.

Will be fixed in the next build.

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