I asked this question to which a user (romasz) replied saying he tried it and it worked fine. In comparing his code to mine, I figured out how to fix the issue, but not why the issue occurred.

The bounty was for "Looking for an answer drawing from credible and/or official sources.". I feel like I can't give it Romasz. His answer helped, me reach the answer, but was not the answer in itself. I also feel like I can't answer my own question since I still don't know what caused it.

I guess I just leave it open?

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    Entirely up to you, of course; but maybe whichever one might have been most helpful or got closest? Or just let the half-value, auto-award happen, if applicable. – Andrew Barber Feb 5 '14 at 14:43
  • just give it to Jon Skeet, "all your bounty are belong to Jon Skeet" – Vladimir Oselsky Feb 5 '14 at 14:49
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    not really a dupe. I solved the issue, but still don't have an answer as to why it happened / why my changes made any difference – roryok Feb 5 '14 at 14:50
  • @ShadowWizard He's asking what to do with the bounty. The question you say is a duplicate of, asks if he can provide the bounty to yourself. – Loko Feb 5 '14 at 15:49

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