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I queried for a keyword (core java) and clicked 'votes' tab to see the Q/A with the highest no. of votes. There, I can see a Answer with 10581 no.of Votes with last digit(1) aligned outside of colored box.

It will be good to see, if the no. of votes (exceeding 1000) were represented in "kvotes", just like "kviews". :) [since initially the number(10581) shown me like 1058 votes and below post with 4076 votes & confused why the posts were not sorted in descending.]

See the below screenshot taken:

Highest voted posts containing  core java    Stack Overflow

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It is very rare to have a question or answer that makes it to 1,000 votes, hence it is something to show as is! like a little show off ;)

Little stats: out of 6.6 million questions on SO (??? million answers), there are only 243 posts (questions + answers) that have 1,000 votes or more, while there are 1.2 million questions that have more than 1,000 views.

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