How can an SQL query return data from multiple tables is tagged , but it's really all about SQL in general, and MYSQL in particular. None of the answers mention PHP or include any PHP code.

I believe the author tagged it with PHP because:

Note: I am writing this as I would like to be able to link to a well written guide on the numerous questions that I constantly come across in the PHP queue, so I can link to this for further detail when I post an answer.

I would otherwise remove the PHP tag, but that note gives me pause. Should the PHP tag be removed from this question?

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I think it doesn't need the tag if it doesn't relate to it at all. If someone's going to link to that question or close as duplicate, they should explain that the behaviour is unrelated to PHP. Anyway, if that's the case then usually it's not an exact duplicate, though I understand that it's rarely used only for exact duplicates.

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