In the case of objectionable questions, answers, and comments, I'd flag the behavior, as recommended here: How can I report a specific bad user? However, there is no way to flag edits. So how can I report abuse of the edit privilege?

I ask because I recently encountered a user who made many edits not in accordance with the guidelines for the edit privilege.

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    just flag the post that has been abused by edit (using "Other" kind of flag) and explain the issue in the flag message
    – gnat
    Feb 8, 2014 at 16:16

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  1. If the user really damaged the post, and if you have the edit privilege, then first rollback the question/answer to undo the damage.
  2. Flag the post with a custom moderator flag like this:

    User [user name or user id here] has damaged the post with his edit, and he has done more edits like this.

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