I wanted to know is, is it violate any rules if I wrote a blog post for a given question and post it as a answer for that question.

There might be many reasons that answer is more suited as a blog post, like answer can be too long, have strong links to previous set of posts, etc.


The answer that you post should be able to stand alone if all outgoing links were to die.

So if you really wanted to write a blog post, put a self-contained summary in the answer and then link to the blog post.

Also be aware that any question needs a blog post as an answer may hint at being too broad.


Answers should be self-contained. That is, everything the reader needs to know should be in the answer post. If the answer won't stand on its own without the link, it's not a good answer.

That said, it's okay to link to a resource for further information. Don't make it a habit, though, or you'll be flagged for spamming.

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