I allowed the iOS app to deliver push notifications, so I receive incoming inbox items in the notification center. Swiping one of these notifications to bring up the app causes the UI to get all confused:

confused UI

Tapping on the inbox icon just clears the notification circle and returns the screen to the main view, I have to tap on it again to actually bring up the inbox with the item I was trying to see.

If it matters, both times I was swiping from the list of notifications on the iOS lock screen. I also was either in the feed view or had the left menu open prior to receiving the notification, as best as my memory can recall.


This issue was caused when opening a push notification while the left drawer (the sites menu) was already open, causing the the drawer component to break because it could not gracefully switch between the left-open and right-open states.

I have added some logic to fix this, which should be available in the next build.

In addition, this bug revealed some other usecases where opening a push notification might be broken, such as when the user is in the middle of drafting a question. I'll be taking care of those.

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