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“Please add a comment explaining..” still shows up when I add a comment and then downvote

Just a minor nitpick on something I've noticed a few times:

As many of you know, when you downvote a question/answer, it gives you a message prompting you to leave a comment about why you did.

This is all well and good, except that I tend to write a comment first, and then down vote later if there's no improvement/response. The message still prompts you to leave a comment, even though you already have added one.

I know it's really minor, but it's just a little oddity that I noticed. It'd be nicer if it only gave the prompt when you actually hadn't commented, since the big dark red box (on meta anyway), always catches me as a "problem".

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I agree.

I've had similar thoughts but considered it too minor to post a question on. Trivial, yes. But that box is just a hair too invasive.

A variation: If one up votes someone else's comment, then don't show the box. The implication being that you are supporting someone else's comment on why there was a down vote and there is no need to bug folks about it.


You're right, definitely minor, but I imagine it should not be terribly hard to do a quick query of the comments on that question and see if any were left by you when a downvote occurs.

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    Or simply remove the box if you have written any comment on that answer.
    – perbert
    Commented Sep 15, 2009 at 23:36

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