This happened to me in Super User and this basically a re-post. I re-posted here since this could happen here as well. Feel free to delete the question if this topic has been already answered or found unnecessary.

I know there should be minimum 6 character altered during editing somebody's question. But what about the edits below in picture. Is it irresponsible editing or misuse of power of editing? Can somebody explain me this?

enter image description here

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    out of interest, as this happens very often and I have no clue why, where did you get the idea to use backticks for formatting individual words this way? Commented Feb 17, 2014 at 13:31

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Backticks which make text appear like this are not a formatting option. They're not meant to emphasize text, they are meant to be used for inline code or commands like e.g. ls -a *.txt or similar things.

The original post misuses the backticks, they appear to mark completely random words without any purpose. The edit corrects this, which is a completely valid edit in my opinion.


Is it irresponsible editing or misuse of power of editing?

No it's not irresponsible editing,he removed the hyphen's and also he changed small letter w for Windows to capital letter.Windows is an OS so it must start with a capital letter.

And also there is no 6 letters limitations for the Users who are above 2000 reputations.Even a single character edit would be applied.

enter image description here

He does this edit for post improvement.

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