I was just reviewing in the Low Quality queue, and after clicking the confirmation button on the dialog to close this question as "question as an answer", I accidentally clicked again somewhere in the vicinity of that button; I'm not sure whether I double-clicked it or clicked in the blank region after it was removed from the DOM.

In either case, this clicking on something that was very much not the "Recommend Deletion" button registered as a recommend-deletion action anyway, leading to what turned out to be this failed audit. This appears to be a race condition in the JavaScript code for the review wizard, possibly one that double-submits the "recommend deletion as another question posted as an answer" either without properly tagging with the question ID or that updates the question-ID variable before disabling the button on the popup dialog as "already submitted".

  • @LowerClassOverflowian Regardless of whether that happened or is a fish tale, I was amused to see that your rep is exactly 1337. – chrylis -on strike- Feb 22 '14 at 0:21
  • Yes, I've definitely had this happen to me, multiple times. For example, here is an example of that. I put another question before, but no one had responded to it. – Qantas 94 Heavy Feb 22 '14 at 0:29
  • 3
    Is there some significance to 1337? Yes. Yes there is – Krease Feb 22 '14 at 0:31

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