This is the iOS call for TeX support analogous to this request for Android.

That really says it all, but in case you need convincing that many posts on Physics and Math are nearly unreadable without rendering TeX, I present screenshots of the sixth highest voted answer on Physics.

app version

Above is the iOS app, v 0.1.20. Below is the same page on mobile Safari.

browser version

Whether it's done through MathJax or some other interpreting, TeX really needs to be incorporated in order for the app to be worth using at all on sites that employ it.

  • Mathjax works by JavaScript. Is the iOS app using WebKit to render?
    – ziggurism
    Mar 22, 2014 at 2:59

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Support for TeX has been added for questions and answers.

Also, if a comment contains TeX in it, tapping it will display an option that allows you to see the comment with the TeX rendered.

This will be available in version 0.1.30

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