Where's the right place to ask meta questions about stack exchange in general, not just about a specific stack exchange site?

For example, I tried to find out how to put links into comments and found the answer on programmers.stackexchange.com. (I'm sure I could have found the answer also on meta stackoverflow, but that's beside the point.)

Where would I ask such a question? Is there a general meta stackexchange site? Take this question for example, it is not connected to stackoverflow, I could have asked it also on meta.beer.stackexchange.com.

Interestingly, meta.stackexchange.com redirects to meta.stackoverflow.com. Can I consider this meta site as the most general one?


This is the meta for the whole network in addition to being Stack Overflow's meta, however, that is about to change, and meta.stackexchange should be a thing soon enough. So for the time being, this is indeed the place to ask general questions concerning the whole network.

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