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In their infinite wisdom, SE made it possible for each community to pick its own off-topic close reasons, recognizing that not every community has the same guidelines. The same wisdom should be applied to post notices. Post notices should be allowed to be customized by the moderators in each community to allow proper moderation of answers.

Currently there are 6 default post-notices that are universal across the network. While some of these (bounty notices, locked message) are good and universal across the sites, some of them aren't. And some good messages are missing for certain sites that may not be applicable to all the others.

Here is the current list of post notices as I understand them. This list should be allowed to be customized by each community within reason (the universal ones, like bounties and locks, should be kept).

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    This question has an open bounty worth +X reputation from [user] ending in [time].


    This question had a bounty worth +X reputation from [user] that ended [time] ago; grace period ends in 23 hours

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    This post has been locked due to the high amount of off-topic comments generated. For extended discussions, please use chat.

Note: I am not a moderator, so I cannot confirm that these are accurate. I took them from this faq-proposed which should also be updated if these are not accurate

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