As of April 22nd 2014, the 10k flags queue is no more thus the below isn't relevant

As it stands now, the "disagree with a flag" option is, unintuitively, buried in the middle of a bunch of "agree"-like options. This has confused at least a few other people:

For the sake of UX, I would like to see the disagree option somehow separated from all the rest, and preferably use the same word to provide a better cue to the user. A couple ideas on how:

  1. Draw a little horizontal rule and group the "agree flags" on one side, and the "disagree flag" on the other
  2. Convert the "disagree" option into a button on the pop-up (e.g. Flag Answer Disagree)
  3. Convert the "disagree" option into a button alongside the button that makes the pop-up (e.g. Flag... Disagree instead of Flag or disagree...)

Plus, "I am flagging this answer because it has invalid flags" sounds borderline counterproductive/oxymoronic. I've heard some people say that "flags don't do anything in and of themselves", (which I'm not sure on—I've been told too many spam/offensive flags automatically deletes a post) is merely a behind-the-scenes quirk; that distinction is irrelevant to non-mods.

Flag review popup with annotations

  • Absolutely agree. I probably click NAA about 25% of the time by accident while I'm trying to click Invalid Flags (I always correct it, but that's extra work!)
    – Joe
    Commented Feb 28, 2014 at 16:21
  • That said, aren't they someday rolling out a new flagging interface and mechanism? Someday?
    – Joe
    Commented Feb 28, 2014 at 16:23

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I think option 1 (the hr and moving it to the bottom) is the right one. Disagree is a choice equivalent to the others, so it shouldn't be an entirely different button - we're not trying to encourage people to disagree, which is what a button would do - but it should be separated from the other reasons so it's visually distinct and harder to accidentally choose a flagging reason when trying to disagree with flags.


I completely agree. It's very unintuitive. I think the first option is the best. The hard rule will make it clear that there is a separation between the two areas. Perhaps the text for the disagree section can be in a different color as well to make it stand out better.

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