Stack Exchange Data Explorer is awesome!

It's an invaluable tool to analyze a site's activity, monitor unanswered questions and answering time, or just to fetch a dataset for further analysis of activity over time.

For any beta site interested in their progress, this is simply priceless.

One crucial beta-cornerstone piece of information is very hard to get from SEDE though: user reputation history. This has to be computed the hard way!

However if the Users data had a UsersHistory counterpart, a query like the reputation races above would be much easier to deal with, and clustering users in reputation ranges and analyzing the distribution of avid users by reputation tier could go against time and be correlated with other data.

Having a UsersHistory table with week-for-week evolution of [Reputation], [Upvotes] and [DownVotes] would be very useful, and since aggregate user votes is already public information, it wouldn't scratch the anonymous-ness of votes - something like this:

--Id              uniqueidentifier
TimeStamp       datetime
UserId          int
Reputation      int
UpVotes         int
DownVotes       int

Basically a selection of columns from the Users table, with a [TimeStamp] column to identify the image.

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