In searching for ways to customize and improve the look of my flair, I have found numerous answers pointing to StackFlair as the option of choice. However, StackFlair seems to be permanently shutdown, causing these answers to be out-of-date.

Is StackFlair still available? Are there alternatives that are currently available and working? What are the major differences between any alternatives?

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I asked Rebecca about this a while back and it doesn't seem like she'll be offering StackFlair anymore. However, after talking with her I've decided to try and fix any outstanding issues and rehost it*, so hopefully I can make that happen sometime this week.

While there's always se-flair and the official flair you can find via the "flair" link in your profile, neither of these offer the same level of customization that StackFlair did.

*albeit on a different domain probably, because the current one is being squatted with a minimum $500 bid

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