I am looking at the Data Explorer and attempting to get a listing of tags flagged as spam (I'd like to use them to help build a spam identifier eventually, but that is not relevant to this question).

This query shows that 12 is the VoteType associated with spam

select * from votetypes 

This shows the most recent spam flags

select creationdate, count(*) 
from votes where votetypeid = 12 
group by creationdate order by creationdate desc

But, it is showing a very low number of spam flags (at least what I'd expect). Is this not an accurate way to detect which posts are flagged and removed as spam? Or are these particular questions not included in the data on the Data Explorer?

I am the original poster. This doesn't seem to have been associated with my account when I registered for Meta Stack Overflow. If that could be done, that would be helpful.

To answer the question below about why I'd like the spam posts - I am attempting to train a spam filter using a few different corupuses (corpii?). I had been hoping that the data dump provided by Stack Overflow would contain some such data.


Spam posts are eventually (...obviously) deleted. And, since there are no deleted posts kept in the SEDE, you won't be able to filter on or find these.

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