I couldn't get the link tag to work in a comment on Stack Overflow. Maybe because the URL has spaces in it?

This is what I tried:

[website](http://clojure.org/java_interop#Java Interop-The Dot special form)

It might also be helpful to preview comments in the same fashion that questions are previewed.

  • Well this doesn't work in the question body either. You will have to replace the spaces with %20s. – Antony Mar 6 '14 at 6:51
  • The URL should be valid. You can use online tool such as this to encode the value after "?" or "#" in the URL. – Shadow The Burning Wizard Mar 6 '14 at 8:30
  • 1
    My bad I copied the URL from Chrome. Safari escapes the spaces... – tgrrr Mar 6 '14 at 10:37

Is "website" what you wanted? Just use "%20" instead of white space (" ") in the URL:


@ShadowWizard has suggested a useful site for URL encoding (and decoding) all sorts of potentially problematic symbols (also including :, /, &, #, %, @, crazy combinations thereof, etc....) Just be sure to avoid encoding the functional symbols your browser needs to read as-is instead of decoding.

IMHO, the five-minute window for editing comments is plenty. If you really want to change your comment after the edit window closes, you can delete it and post a new one. Probably wiser to stick with a workaround than to ask for a UI overhaul to enhance comments on SE, which de-emphasizes comments in general.

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