When I log in to stackexchange.com and go to "Filtered Questions" I can see the questions based on my filter. Now I want to add a new tag in the same filter so that I can check and answer questions of that tag as well, but I am not able to see any option regarding the same.

Do I need to delete the filter and create it again with my existing tags and the new ones? If that is the case then isn't it a little cumbersome and that the site should be modified to incorporate this?


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You click edit next to the filter name (or create a new filter if you don't have existing filters)

enter image description here

Now add the tag of your choice and click 'Add Rule' (this is easy overlooked due to the orange Save changes button)

enter image description here

After clicking 'Add Rule' you see the new filter being added under 1. Notice that you can uncheck the tags that you want to remove.

enter image description here

Enter or change your e-mail address and save your changes permanently by clicking 'Save Changes':

enter image description here

Done! You succesfully edited your filter.

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