What is retagging? I have an idea but not quite sure:

  • When to retag?
  • What needs retagging?
  • What is manual retagging?
  • Who can or cannot retag?

I tried to search for the answer, but interestingly enough, I could not locate an answer to this, I guess, very simple question.


Retagging in the broadest sense is changing a specific tag from one to another, i.e. changing to .

Retagging occurs every time someone changes the tags on a post - but it is more commonly used to mean a mass retagging. This occurs when a tag is not used properly and the community needs to clean it up.

There is another process, tag synonymization, which also retags future posts from one to a new tag. This is slightly different, though, as it is an automatic process.

Retagging takes edit privileges, and is accessible through the edit button (just change the tags). However, 10K+ users have a dedicated "edit tags" button.

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