It seems to me that if I want to help on StackOverflow.com, I might want to monitor new questions using an RSS feed for certain tags only. That way I could see questions that relate to the subject area where I can best help.

How do I filter questions by tag?

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To subscribe to a single feed for multiple tags, use "or" in the URL. For example, if I wanted to subscribe to the questions tagged status-completed or status-declined here, I would use the following URL:


You can also use this trick when browsing with tags:


(further reading: https://blog.stackoverflow.com/2008/10/tags-and-tags-or-tags/)

https://meta.stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag/[insert tag name here]

Example: If there is a tag called "hotdogs" I can subscribe to that tag feed with the url:


You can filter questions by tag by adding tags to you interesting tags list (that will provide highlighting for questions that come through matching your interesting tags). By clicking on a tag, you will be displayed a list of questions that match the tag you are looking for.

Another method is to use the search box and search for '[tag name]' (include the square brackets) and that will search specifically for that tag. Searching for '[tag name] my query' will search the questions for you query and limit the results only to those falling within [tag name]

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