My deleted recent answers link in the profile is showing only the recent 10 deleted answers. Where can I see all my deleted answers? Are they all permanently removed?


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The deleted answers list only includes posts deleted in the past 60 days.

The rest are not permanently deleted, but you need to know where you posted them, as there currently is no way to list them all (unless you are a diamond moderator or Stack Exchange developer).

If you do remember what question they were posted on, you as the author can still see them by visiting that question, as can anyone with 10k+ reputation.


Another option:

If there was some reputation changes due to that post (or voting was performed on that post), you can go to your reputation tab. Here you can see all your posts where voting was performed (i.e. even if you didn't earn or lose reputation due to any reason). And yes don't forget to tick the option 'show removed posts'. You don't need to 10k privilege here.

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