Just not an everyday situation I have experienced today;

I have seen this question earlier today with 3 custom close votes. It pretty much said something "this question is off-topic as it should be on codereview". I agreed it should (4th vote).

So my guess is: it received 5 custom close votes which closed the question as off-topic but the current reason provided is actually a bit misleading since we can't close a question as it belongs to another stack exchange site » Codereview in this case, which was the intention.

enter image description here

So now, the reason just says the question is off-topic, which (debatable, but) would make it on-topic only if 5 people didn't know codereview existed...

It doesn't tell you nor the OP that the 5 voters agreed to a common reason that the question belongs somewhere else in the Stack Exchange network.

While this is it is a bit misleading as the actual reason the qestion was closed is not listed anywhere.

Should this be amended?

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