I was looking for a note on when the ability to post images (inline) is unlocked in the privileges, but couldn't find any reference to it.

I assume it's unlocked at 10 reputation, and should be included in "Remove New User Restrictions".

Can we add this in?

As an initial draft... (feel free to suggest something better)

Perhaps to "New users cannot", add:

  • Post images

And change the description of the privilege (seen here) from:

Post more links, answer protected questions


Post images, more links, answer protected questions

It seemingly was there before:

I saw a privileges page with a short tutorial on how to embed links and pictures in questions.

Was it removed for a specific reason?

If this is not directly linked to the "Remove new user restrictions" privilege (i.e. it might have a different reputation requirement on another site), can we perhaps add a separate privilege for this?


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Was it removed for a specific reason?

According to this post, the text about the restriction was removed because the restriction itself was removed, except for StackOverflow.

  • Fair enough, although, as long as it's on Stack Overflow and some other sites, it makes sense to have a note about it on the privileges page, at least in my opinion. I believe there is some variation in what the privileges page looks like on different sites (even if it's just the reputation varying), so I can't imagine that having a flag to display this (so it's only displayed on sites where the restriction exists) would be that much work. Commented Jul 14, 2014 at 17:08

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