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Point of concern:

Instead, **vote up** the answers

I noted that the double asterisks seem a bit out of place. Was this meant to be some sort of emphasis, in which case it should be either italicized or bolded?


I'm not from StackOverflow's team (Obviously!).

But I put forward my views.

Any text wrapped inside double asterisks (**) but outside of markdown context is meant to be emphasized.

And I believe the page is out of mark down context.

I think the page is just html, otherwise ** should have been rendered as well.

So here double asterisks mean emphasization of the word. If they wanted to make it bold, they could have done it easily. It was not meant to be either italicized or bolded. I think, they wanted it to stand out from the rest.

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    Good point. But in that case, why not make it bold or italicized? Those are better ways to express emphasis than adding double asterisks. – Albert Xing Apr 14 '14 at 19:46

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