Assume there's a user with the name Bob on Stack Overlow who might be able to solve my question. If he hasn't seen my question yet, can I ping him to come and take a look?

So when I post

@bob please have a look at it.

will Bob get my notification in his inbox?

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    Are downvotes on support questions really necessary? Even though the question originally had the discussion tag, it was obvious that this is a support question.
    – Stijn
    Mar 21, 2014 at 8:35

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No, he won't be notified; nor would I support any to enable that prompting mechanism, as it would inevitably lead to an avalanche of spam notifications and requests for our more 'famous,' or recognisable, users.

The only users that will be notified of an @comment are those who have participated in the comment thread if the question or answer, to which it's attached, or a user that's edited/improved the question/answer and the person whose question/answer it is.

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