I have a StackOverflow careers profile and I already linked my GitHub profile with my S.O.C. profile.

But since then, I created a new Repository that I'd like to add to my S.O.C profile. If I go to "add Github", there is no things such as "Add a new organization", and if I click on "Update/add all my repositories" it doesn't find the one I created.

How do I make it so a new Github organization is visible to Stack Overflow Careers?


You need to go to that organization's "Members" page and make your profile in that page public.


  • Go to Organization's github page
  • Click on "Members" on the right side of the page (it's above the avatars)

enter image description here The URL would be:


And then you'll a listing of members with the status of their profile. Click "Make Public" to make your profile public. At that point you'll be able to add it to Stack Overflow Careers.

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