I really doubt this is worth addressing anyway, since a) it's (presumably) just for one day, and b) it's just a little goofy thing anyway, but I just noticed the Unicorn bonus to cut other people's reputation by 90% works when you view their profile, but not when you scroll over their name in posts. So...yeah.

EDIT: Guys, it's really not a big deal or anything, I was mostly joking (hence the fun tag) not sure the downvotes are neccessary...

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a) Nope, it lasts forever.

b) It's not goofy, it's unicorns! We are serious here. Sheesh.

(This is status-bydesign. The 90% rep cut is only supposed to make those other users feel a little bad, some of the time.)

  • Man, that would be great if they kept it haha Also I'm very sorry to imply any silliness surrounding the unicorns, I in no way meant to offend :p Commented Apr 1, 2014 at 15:00

Oh my.

I've heard rumours on the grapevine of a bug fix coming for this on April 2nd. Hold tight!

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