I guess this question was already ask, but neither the site-search nor google brought me any information.

I recently got the required rights to review suggested edits (hooray, more power! ;). A few edits I reviewed left me wondering what I should do with edits to questions which should obviously be closed. Should I still accept them or should I simply skip them? Or should I reject them and if so, should I give any comment (if it applies: Which comment?)?

  • How about accept the edits if they are appropriate and then flag them?
    – Desdenova
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 10:14

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Annoying answer: it depends.

Somewhat more specific answer: it depends if the question could ever be salvaged and if this edit moves it in that direction.

Editing spam, completely off-topic questions, etc.

If the question clearly shouldn't be here then there isn't much point editing it: we don't want people making perfectly grammatically correct spam. Equally if it's just nothing to do with the site, such as "How do I learn sowing" on Stack Overflow then that is never going to be on topic. Reject in all these cases.

Editing close-worthy but potentially salvageable questions

The "[on hold]" process is in place rather than an insta-delete process because some questions can be saved; e.g. questions which are unclear or too broad can be made clearer and narrower. If the edit substantially improves the post then accept: this leaves the OP with less to do to bring the question on topic. Use your judgement here, consider what is the best overall result.

  • Thanks, that is a great answer which actually helps me very much in my decision process. I was talking about the first type of questions you mentioned, so I will reject them from now on.
    – dirkk
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 10:22

If it’s a good edit, it should be accepted.


In case the question is not (yet) closed:

  • Maybe your impression is wrong and the question won’t get closed.
  • Maybe the edit is a first step for saving the question.

In case the question is closed:

  • Some closed questions stay on the site. You’ll find (even several years old) closed questions when searching, browsing tags, reading comments etc.
  • Maybe the edit is a first step for salvaging the question.

I think it’s especially important to get the tags right. Retagging (not-yet-closed | closed) questions makes sure that the relevant experts see them, and that these questions won’t show up on (possibly totally) wrong places on the site.

So, if you review a suggested edit to a question, don’t put on your close hat on top of your review hat. Approve the edit if it’s a good edit, then switch hats and vote for close.

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