I was giving answers to some python questions, I generally open one tab for to check is there any new question asked or not. When I check reputation on that page and my profile details page, its not matched.

On page its shows 5,316

python tag general page

When I click on my profile and check the reputation tab it shows 5,301

Profile reputation tab

Then I checked detail of my reputation activity, but there is no downvote for any question.


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I guess somebody may have accepted your answer so that you got 15 reputation but suddenely that person have removed you answer from accepted answer but incremented data would be there coming from cache so its showing like this..one Refresh can arrange all the things as it would be!

  • then it must have some +/- reputation. You can check same situation in my profile image where its shows +15/-15.
    – Nilesh
    Commented Apr 4, 2014 at 10:55

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